Due Diligence &

Managed Services

For Purchaser

  • Acquisition by Transfer of Entities - If you are acquiring a portfolio of properties through the acquisition of the current owning entities, you will need the data records and documents regarding the entities organized and vetted. With an agreement of the parties, Real Estate Entity Services organizes all existing data and documents in its entity management software to transfer to you for continued maintenance and control.


  • Acquisition by Transfer of Real Estate - If you are acquiring a portfolio of properties by transfer of the real estate, you will need to form new entities to hold the properties. Real Estate Entity Services can organize the creation of the new entities quickly and accurately either in coordination with closing counsel or as part of your internal closing process. We organize all the new entity data in our entity management software and provide registered agent services in any state the new entities are formed.


For Seller - If you are considering selling a property or portfolio, part of the pre-sale due diligence process is to understand and organize the data and documents of your entities to uncover any issues and to ensure the smooth transfer of assets. We organize all your entity data in our entity management software for your use in providing data for underwriting, due diligence, and transfer processes. The purchaser can accept the transfer of data and documents via the software. This level of organization adds value by helping assure the purchaser that the properties and entities have been professionally managed and there are no loose ends. Uncertainty usually costs money during a sale. Additionally, after the sale, Real Estate Entity Services can assist in dissolving entities and making sure that the cost of maintaining those entities ceases.


For Diligence Service Providers - If you are a due diligence or underwriting services provider for purchasers or sellers, Real Estate Entity Services is an ideal partner to handle the entity data, documents, and related issues. We apply our organizational skills and software to your projects as a valuable member of your team. Let's discuss how we can work together.

Due Diligence

Our entity management software is easy to learn and easy to use. But it takes focus to set up your organization for entity management success. We can help.


If you are lacking the necessary records or staff, Real Estate Entity Services can conduct statewide searches and file scrubs to gather and load data and documents for you. We meet with your current record keepers to help organize your data and documents. We can train your staff to load and maintain the entity management software or we can do it for you.


  • Experience faster organization and project completion

  • Benefit from our similar users best practices in entity management

  • Receive fixed, transparent pricing

  • Free up your staff and attorneys to focus on more important work

  • Receive training for your staff on proper entity management

Managed Services

Our Approach


Our Entity Management software is the ideal platform to centralize all of your entity data.Do it yourself or we can help!


Organize entity data and fill in the gaps with information for your reporting and analysis needs.


Get a graphical view of how your entities are organized, related and controlled by various holding parties.

Compliance Monitoring

With calendars, email alerts and customizable reporting features you are always on top of entity compliance.

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