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Real Estate

Real Estate Entity Services offerings are uniquely designed for the commercial real estate owner and operator. Whether ownership is within a REIT structure, Family Office, Private Equity or Public Company, proper management of the real estate entities is fundamental to control, compliance and reducing friction while conducting real estate transactions. Additionally, maintaining your entities in good standing is essential to protecting your other assets, whether business or personal, from the liabilities that may arise within a real estate operation.Take control of your entity management. Save money, improve compliance and protect your assets. 

Mortgage Lending

Most commercial real estate mortgages require the borrower to maintain one or more bankruptcy remote or special purpose entities to hold the real estate that secures the loan. If you are a borrower, Real Estate Entity Services can help structure an entity that is in compliance with your mortgage and help you stay in compliance. If you are a lender, it is typically not a requirement that your servicer check on the good standing of a borrower's entities. Usually, problems with the status of the entity are only discovered when doing a 5-year UCC continuation check or the borrower is applying for an assumption. If you have concerns whether your borrowers' entities are in good standing,  Real Estate Entity Services can help.  

Oil & Gas

As an Oil & Gas professional, you frequently structure entities to hold your properties. If these entities are not kept in good standing, you may inadvertently expose one of your better-producing assets or partnerships to the liabilities of an asset they may not be performing as well. Worse yet, you may expose your personal assets to the liabilities of your business. Let Real Estate Entity Services manage your entities and help protect your valuable assets. 

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